BREAKING NEWS: Anonymous Redcult Takes Down Israeli Sites-Warns Israel To Respect Muslim Holiday, #OpAqsa #OpIsrael Continues

Sept. 11th 2016

By: -A-sh F@wke5

Operation Israel continues as Redcult takes down a list of Israeli websites in advance of Eid al-Adha, an important Muslim holiday celebrated at the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Occupied Palestine. Also known as the "Feast of Sacrifice", it takes place over a four day period and is celebrated worldwide, making it the 2nd most important event in the Muslim calender.

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We are an up and coming news media outlet and activist organization focusing on education through Anarchist philosophy. We are a network of Anonymous members from around the globe and an Anarchist sect of Anonymous supporting direct action groups (ALF, AntiFa, ect) as well as Anarchist philosophy in action such as Agorism. We bring you alternative views on modern events from an Anarchist or Voluntaryist perspective. We support all forms of Anarchist action and thought. We believe in active resistance to the systems of tyranny placed upon us. We have come together to work to provide this website as a resource to the Anonymous/Activist community, to allow us to support each other and break ties with the governmental systems used to control our lives and keep us as slaves. We are a mostly Anarchist movement, although this is not required. We are all kinds of people seeking a new way of live. To break free from the system, and in doing so break the system. We advocate non-violence resistance to corruption and tyranny. We are working to offer resources and community networking to support each other to the point where we can become independent from the system. Our original goal for this website was to build a global activism network used for sharing events on a local level and getting organized in our fight against these lawless corrupt systems. Since its inception we have expanded to include all sorts of services on the site, we welcome you to take advantage of any services offered here on this website. We have active admins on the Forums here to help those want it. We are looking to grow as a global community and we welcome anyone of you to join us, and work towards creating a better world.

"Civil Disobedience becomes a sacred duty when the state has become lawless or corrupt. And a citizen who barters with such a state shares in its corruption and lawlessness."
~Gandhi, "Young India", 5-1-22, p. 5.

"By its very nature, non-violence cannot ‘seize’ power, nor can that be its goal. But non-violence can do more; it can effectively control and guide power without capturing the machinery of government. That is its beauty. .
~Gandhi, "Young India", 2-7-1931, p. 162.

"Self-government means continuous effort to be independent of government control, whether it is foreign government or whether it is national."
~Gandhi, "Young India", 6-8-1925, p. 276.

"The state represents violence in a concentrated and organized form. The Individual has a soul, but as the state is a soulless machine, it can never be weaned from violence to which it owes its very existence."
~Gandhi, "Modern Review", 10-1925, p. 412. Interview with Nirmal Kumar Bose (9/10 November 1934)

Featured Anarchist Literature

Stateless Socialism: Anarchism (Excerpts)

By: Michail Bakunin

State Socialism Rejected

The carrying out of this task will of course take centuries of development. But history has already brought it forth and henceforth we cannot ignore it without condemning ourselves to utter impotence. We hasten to add here that we vigorously reject any attempt at social organization which would not admit the fullest liberty of individuals and organizations, or which would require the setting up of any regimenting power whatever. In the name of freedom, which we recognize as the only foundation and the only creative principle of organization, economic or political, we shall protest against anything remotely resembling State Communism, or State Socialism.

Correct Tactics During a Revolution

In a social revolution, which in everything is diametrically opposed to a political revolution, the actions of individuals hardly count at all, whereas the spontaneous action of masses is everything. All that individuals can do is to clarify, propagate, and work out ideas corresponding to the popular instinct, and, what is more, to contribute their incessant efforts to revolutionary organization of the natural power of the masses — but nothing else beyond that; the rest can and should be done by the people themselves. Any other method would lead to political dictatorship, to the re-emergence of the State, of privileges of inequalities of all the oppressions of the State — that is, it would lead in a roundabout but logical way toward re-establishment of political, social, and economic slavery of the masses of people.
Varlin and all his friends, like all sincere Socialists, and in general like all workers born and brought up among the people, shared to a high degree this perfectly legitimate bias against the initiative coming from isolated individuals, against the domination exercised by superior individuals, and being above all consistent, they extended the same prejudice and distrust to their own persons.

Free Organization to Follow Abolition of the State

Abolition of the State and the Church should be the first and indispensable condition of the real enfranchisement of society. It will be only after this that society can and should begin its own reorganization; that, however, should take place not from the top down, not according to an ideal plan mapped by a few sages or savants, and not by means of decrees issued by some dictatorial power or even by a National Assembly elected by universal suffrage. Such a system, as I have already said, inevitably would lead to the formation of a governmental aristocracy, that is, a class of persons which has nothing in common with the masses of people; and, to be sure, this class would again turn to exploiting and enthralling the masses under the pretext of common welfare or of the salvation of the State.

The Difference Between Authoritarian and Libertarian Revolution

It is this point which mainly divides the Socialists or revolutionary collectivists from the authoritarian Communists, the partisans of the absolute initiative of the State. The goal of both is the same: both parties want the creation of a new social order based exclusively upon collective labor, under economic conditions that are equal for all — that is, under conditions of collective ownership of the tools of production.
Only the Communists imagine that they can attain through development and organization of the political power of the working classes, and chiefly of the city proletariat, aided by bourgeois radicalism — whereas the revolutionary Socialists, the enemies of all ambiguous alliances, believe, on the contrary, that this common goal can be attained not through the political but through the social (and therefore anti-political) organization and power of the working masses of the cities and villages, including all those who, though belonging by birth to the higher classes, have broken with their past of their own free will, and have openly joined the proletariat and accepted its program.

The Methods of the Communists and the Anarchists

Hence the two different methods. The Communists believe that it is necessary to organize the forces of the workers in order to take possession of the political might of the State. The revolutionary Socialists organize with the view of destroying, or if you prefer a more refined expression, of liquidating the State. The Communists are the partisans of the principle and practice of authority, while revolutionary Socialists place their faith only in freedom. Both are equally the partisans of science, which is to destroy superstition and take the place of faith; but the first want to impose science upon the people, while the revolutionary collectivists try to diffuse science and knowledge among the people, so that the various groups of human society, when convinced by propaganda, may organize and spontaneously combine into federations, in accordance with their natural tendencies and their real interests, but never according to a plan traced in advance and imposed upon the ignorant masses by a few “superior” minds.
Revolutionary Socialists believe that there is much more of practical reason and intelligence in the instinctive aspirations and real needs of the masses of people than in the profound minds of all these learned doctors and self-appointed tutors of humanity, who, having before them the sorry examples of so many abortive attempts to make humanity happy, still intend to keep on working in the same direction. But revolutionary Socialists believe, on the contrary, that humanity has permitted itself to be ruled for a long time, much too long, and that the source of its misfortune lies not in this nor in any other form of government but in the principle and the very existence of the government, whatever its nature may be.
It is this difference of opinion, which already has become historic, that now exists between the scientific Communism, developed by the German school and partly accepted by American and English Socialists, and Proudhonism, extensively developed and pushed to its ultimate conclusions, and by now accepted by the proletariat of the Latin countries. Revolutionary Socialism has made its first brilliant and practical appearance in the Paris Commune.
On the Pan-German banner is written: Retention and strengthening of the State at any cost. On our banner, the social-revolutionary banner, on the contrary, are inscribed, in fiery and bloody letters: the destruction of all States, the annihilation of bourgeois civilization, free and spontaneous organization from below upward, by means of free associations, the organization of the unbridled rabble of toilers, of all emancipated humanity, and the creation of a new universally human world.
Before creating, or rather aiding the people to create, this new organization, it is necessary to achieve a victory. It is necessary to overthrow that which is, in order to be able to establish that which should be...


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